Project Planning

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CPM Schedules

  • Critical Path Method (CPM) is used to plan and control the project and minimize completion time
  • Monitor project activities and update any changes in cost and schedule

BIM and Superior Planning

  • Allow considerable improvements to the construction delivery process
  • Enhances trade coordination as it turns architectural and engineering design and management disciplines of cost estimating, time scheduling, constructability analysis, risk management, procurement, etc. into parallel and integrated process

Scheduling and Control

  • Increase production efficiency
  • Resource allocation
  • Accurate delivery date quotes
  • Real time information
  • Re-plan and reschedule to compensate for any deviations.

Forensic Schedule Analysis

  • Methodologies
  • Establish the cause (Delay Causation) and extent (Delay Quantification) of delays and to resolve construction delay claims (using CPM scheduling)
  • As-planned vs. as-built; comparison of an as-built schedule to an as-planned schedule